Oil and Gas


PIH is established as undisputed, unchallenged leader in rendering special services to oil and gas (onshore & offshore), petrochemical, power generation and allied industries. As a result of its professional standards PIH carved a name for itself in the specialist field of heat treatment, non-destructive testing and allied services.

Maintaining its leadership status, PIH continuously upgrades its own standards to meet the demand of the oil & gas in the Middle East, Particularly in GCC states.

PIH offers a wide spectrum of services which include equipment inspection, radiography, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle inspection, penetration examination, eddy current inspection and a variety of heat treatment services.


  • On-site heat treatment services, gas and electric.
  • Sale of heat treatment equipment.
  • Calibration services and customer training on cooper heat or other equipment.
  • Training and certification of NDT personal and surveyors.
  • Refractory drying services.
  • Gamma radiography including pipelines 6.60 inch diameter.
  • X-Ray radiography including pipelines 6.60 inch diameter.
  • Non-destructive testing UT, MPI, DP and eddy current.
  • Third party client inspectors and welder`s qualification and certification.
  • Marine surveys.

The real strength of PIH lies in its highly trained, experienced professionals who ensure that the projects are executed to highest quality standards and health, safety and environment requirements.